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Estonian Independence Day

From the very heart of beautiful Tallinn our team is sending you joy and all the best wishes for the National Estonian Independence Day!

A declaration of Estonian Independence was signed on February 24th 1918 and stated its freedom from the Russian Empire. Estonia has become politically neutral and gained the respect of its boundaries by other states. A new country was born and it graved its name in the world history. This day the national flag is raised over the Tall Hermann tower, the memory of great liberators is honoured and the whole country sings its freedom.

We have a chance to be in the heart of this celebration only 2 minutes away from the famous Freedom Square. Every year we become part of a historic moment and invite you join us for this holy day.

This year our SAVOY Bar team created a very special drink which literally contains the essence and the soul of the Estonian culture. Knapweeds is the national flower which has first been planted here 10 000 ago. Knapweed grows in rye and has become a symbol of the “bread and butter” as well as the everlasting power of Estonian people. Pure rye is the base of this unique cocktail. Can it be more local, more authentic and more festive for such a remarkable day? Come try it and share this memorable moment with us in the historic centre of Tallinn.

Raise a glass and celebrate the freedom of the great Estonian nation and its spirit on February 24th at Savoy Boutique.

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