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Tallinn views


Allinn is located in the North of Estonia on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland. Thanks to its unique geography, the sky of Tallinn is colored with incredible colors in the evening. So where is the best place to enjoy the sunsets and white nights in Tallinn?

There are many viewing platforms in Tallinn. One of the most famous is Patkuli (400m from Savoy Boutique Hotel). It consists of two parts: the Patkuli viewpoint overlooking the sea and the Patkuli viewpoint overlooking the Old Town. Depending on the time of day, you can either meet the sunrise or see the Sun at sunset.

The next viewpoint of the panorama is Vyshgorod (600m from the Savoy Boutique Hotel). Climbing there you will find a view of the sea, the park, the peaks of the Cathedrals and of course the roofs of numerous houses covered with tiles.

The next vantage point for lovers of sea sunsets is next to the Gorhall (1.3 km from the Savoy Boutique Hotel). You can come here by car or sit on the steps of the building itself. The majority of people also love to get down to the nearby Calarand Beach.

Talking about beaches, a large beach in Pirita is worth mentioning (2.8 km from the Savoy Boutique Hotel), which also houses the Rusalka monument. Sitting on cozy benches, in clear weather, you can admire the changing colors of the sky for hours.

While staying at our hotel, you can enjoy the sunset right from your room window. What could be more romantic than enjoying the sunset and evening dawn standing on the fifth floor on a French balcony.

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